InstituteQ both organizes and takes part in a wide range of events from professional colloquiums to more laid-back get-togethers.

Some events might require signing up, and all are free to attend. Upcoming events are listed below.

22.11.2022: Matthijs de Jong (Delft University of Techonology) - Seminar: Mechanical overtone frequency combs

Dr. Matthijs de Jong of Delft University of Techonology gives a seminar at the Department of Applied Physics in Aalto University.

Abstract of the talk:
Mechanical frequency combs are poised to bring the applications and utility of optical frequency combs into the mechanical domain. So far, their main challenge has been strict requirements on drive frequencies and power, which complicate operation. We demonstrate a novel, straightforward mechanism to create a frequency comb consisting of mechanical overtones (integer multiples) of a single eigenfrequency, by monolithically integrating a suspended dielectric membrane with a counter-propagating optical trap. The periodic optical field modulates the dielectrophoretic force on the membrane at the overtones of a membrane’s motion. These overtones share a fixed frequency and phase relation, and constitute a mechanical frequency comb. The periodic optical field also creates an optothermal parametric drive that requires no additional power or external frequency reference. This combination of effects results in an easy-to-use mechanical frequency comb platform that requires no precise alignment, no additional feedback or control electronics, and only uses a single, mW continuous wave laser beam. This highlights the overtone frequency comb as the straightforward future for applications in sensing, metrology and quantum acoustics.

The seminar takes place on Tuesday, November 22, at 10 am in room 161 in the Nanotalo building on the Otaniemi campus.

InstituteQ Colloquiums

InstituteQ organises colloquiums where highly regarded experts of quantum science and technology and adjoining fields give a talk, and attendees have a chance to network and share ideas.

Previous speakers have included Prof Dr. Jürgen Mlynek, Dr. Luca Peliti, and Nobel laureate Prof. Frank Wilczek. Feel free to suggest speakers you'd like to hear to!

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