We aim to broaden the impact of quantum technology in industry and business in Finland.

Our objectives include formation of a business roadmap for quantum technologies in Finland. We will be the forum for co-operation and discussion with enabling technology providers and end-user companies, predominantly in Finland, that will be the direct and indirect beneficiaries of quantum technologies.

BusinessQ will support the creation of new business from quantum technologies. Preliminary planning of business ecosystem projects will be done within this forum.

BusinessQ organises annual industry-academia seminars, brokerage and match-making events in order to develop the application domains, especially for quantum computation.

We work to convey the benefits of InstituteQ’s cutting-edge infrastructure and education for Finnish companies and industries.

BusinessQ Roadmap

Click below to download a PDF of the BusinessQ Roadmap

Organisations participating in BusinessQ

BusinessQ is a business community within InstituteQ that operates both nationally and on a European level. It is comprised of the following organisations: