Finnish Quantum Agenda - Call for Participants

This autumn, InstituteQ will push forward a Finnish Quantum Agenda. Our desire is to define the key messages of the Finnish quantum science and technology (QST) community in order to secure the long-term development efforts that are critical for Finland. The ultimate goal is to inform and create the basis of a national quantum strategy, which is then proposed to the government. In this context, we are now inviting interested parties to express their willingness to participate in the work of preparing the Finnish Quantum Agenda. It will require commitment and availability to participate in several meetings during the coming months, as well as participation in writing of relevant sections of the agenda. A public hearing about the document will also be held during the preparation process. The goal is finish by the end of this year.

How to participate

To express your interest, fill in this form: by August 31. You are also free to distribute this information among your colleagues.

Why is this important?

The world is living through a quantum boom. The boom is manifested by media, investors, companies, and institutions that are entering into the field with big expectations and big promises. The opportunities these new technologies are expected to bring about are debated on several forums around the world. What appears to be commonly acknowledged is the need to secure availability of competent people in order to efficiently benefit from these technologies. Many countries have taken initiatives to define a national quantum agenda or strategy. These documents address objectives and measures that are critical for future prospects and spell out the national priorities. So far, Finland has not had a national agenda of its own.

Finland has a long and successful history in QST. This broad and rich area of research and development ranges from fundamental understanding of quantum phenomena and materials to ways of controlling and manipulating them in a manner that allows the building of carefully designed nanostructures, devices, and applications that find practical use in our society. Finnish expertise in QST is internationally recognized. For decades, the community has taken important steps, leading to gradual emergence of the Finnish quantum ecosystem.

In 2021, the national development of QST took a significant step forward, when the InstituteQ collaboration was established by Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and VTT. InstituteQ brings together parties that have interests in the long-term national development of the field. In the long run, the collaboration is expected to provide access to all relevant national quantum activities for anyone who is interested. The Finnish quantum agenda will allow us to push forward the critical national efforts, as well as to broaden the InstituteQ community to become truly nation-wide.

What happens next?

The InstituteQ executive team, consisting of the acting director and the operations leads, will go through the forms to confirm the make-up of the working group. If there is a high number of interested parties, the executive team will suggest a resolution that allows for maximal representation of the interested stakeholders. Everyone who has filled out the form will be contacted to confirm the final composition of the working group.