Internal call for InstituteQ doctoral positions

With funding from Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, the Finnish quantum community InstituteQ is opening a call for five doctoral positions. Applications are accepted from now until May 7, 2023

InstituteQ has received funding from Jane and Aatos Erkko foundation for a doctoral school on Quantum Technologies. At the first stage we are expecting to fund five (5) doctoral student positions for 2 years and students will be enrolled in one of Aalto’s doctoral programs. We announce an Aalto internal call for new InstituteQ doctoral positions. This call is open to proposals that aim to study and develop new technologies, methods, or advanced applications in quantum materials, quantum devices, quantum information, and/or quantum software & algorithms.

Collaborative projects between research groups of InstituteQ, or with groups at other universities, research organizations, or industry are preferred. If possible, projects are envisaged to include a secondment or research collaboration with an industrial partner or a research organization. Financial support by industrial collaborators is welcome.

Proposals must be submitted by the supervisor/instructor, and they should present a comprehensive plan of the doctoral study project. Funding at the level of doctoral student salaries is provided for two years.

The call is open between April 1st to May 7th, and proposals should be submitted in pdf format by using Webropol:

All proposals will be reviewed by a local selection board headed by Jani-Petri Martikainen of Aalto University. A brief external evaluation process is implemented to guarantee neutral evaluation. The transparency of the process is monitored by the InstituteQ steering group.

Length of the proposals is limited to 3 pages and should include following information:
  • Name of the instructor and supervising professor(s); if known, the name of the doctoral candidate
  • Expected starting time
  • Description of the doctoral study project
  • Funding plan for the full term of the doctoral studies
  • Short public description of the project and its relevance to quantum technology
We expect to conclude the evaluation of the proposals by the end of June 2023. Projects are expected to start by October at the latest.

In the evaluation of the doctoral/postdoctoral project proposals, special attention is paid to balanced support of the research domains of InstituteQ.

Read more about the InstituteQ educational activities on EduQ website: